The Escape Series

The Escape Series,

Episode 2: Three Strategies to Build a Group of Traveling Friends

July 13, 2017

In this episode, I’m going to talk about the importance of travel, that shakes up the way most of us approach a big, out-of-our-comfort-zone trip. I’m going to show you how changing your current environment is absolutely essential to your intellectual and emotional growth, and why your best ideas, just like your income, will always be limited if you stay stuck in your current job / location / whatever is keeping you from traveling. And we’ll go over the 3 strategies you need to build a killer group of traveling friends.

So if you’re just starting out on your travel journey and feeling totally in over your head, or you’re a more experienced traveler who still feels like something’s missing, you’ll discover how intrepid travelers like you and me can reap those benefits every time we travel and why it’s critical that we all focus on this right now.



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