The Escape Series

The Escape Series,

EPISODE 1: What Holds You Back

July 11, 2017
Have you ever wondered why some people are consistently able to travel all around the world, while others feel bound to stay in place? Why those same people are constantly having meaningful, immersive adventures, while others are limited by their income, vacation days, and financial obligations?


Why are some people — people who don’t necessarily seem richer, smarter, or more resourceful than their peers — constantly traveling, while others stay put at home?

“The more you understand about how to make this kind of travel possible, the greater opportunity you’ll have to experience the cultural immersion, deep self-knowledge, and lifelong friendship bonds that happen as a result.”

Leave a comment right below this episode and tell me which one of the mental roadblocks mentioned in this episode gives you the most trouble — better yet, did anything in today’s training spark a mental shift for you? I want to know!


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I’d also love to know a little more about you. Tell me about where you are in your travel journey — just starting out? Experienced adventurer? Somewhere in between? How are you wanting to grow and change from where you are now? You can download our free Glitch Fare Guide here.




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